Soil Heath

Sea Change Liquid Fertiliser

Tom talks about using Liquid fertiliser or liquid seaweed and Kelp Use this as a simple nutritional boost for our plants throughout the nursery and can be in your home garden quite easily. The benefits of using this product provides your core nutritional ingredients - for your plants nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Coir Compressed Coconut Fibre

Tom explains compressed coconut fibre also know as 'Coir' an invaluable product that ePlants use routinely throughout our nursery to enhance our soil. Use in your soil at home or can be used as an alternative to mulch.

Flower Power and Instant Greener

Tom from ePlants doing a quick spiel on two products ePlants recommends mixing with organic Sea Change in your watering can:- Flower Power and Instant Greener. The first product is 'Flower Power' this is a soluble fertiliser with a high potassium content and as the name suggests it promotes flower growth with your ornamentals in your garden.