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Explaining ePlants Health & Nutrition programme with product applications.

Common types of Pest & Disease included. ePlant’s PD programme build a plant’s resilient, immune system as a prevention.

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Plant Nutrition / Pest & disease

Visit ePlants on a Saturday morning at 9:30am sharp to meet with our plant specialist to recieve expert advice regarding common plant problems, including fungal disease, pest pressure and plant deficiencies.

ePlants advises products that we use in a holistic programme that acknowledges the root cause of any plant issue with a balanced fertiliser programme. By improving soil fertility and plant nutrition, plant immunity is boosted to reduces stress and build resistance against pest & disease pressure. The conventional agriculture and horticulture industry is awakening to the innovating science of Dynamic Plant Immunology. Organics refuses to take part in a defined unsustainable model, with more pesticide application every year and more pest pressure without exception. Only an unhealthy plant is a culprit to pest and disease. So promote a balanced and ‘living’ soil for the benefit of our plants and our wellbeing.

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During a Saturday Morning ePlants Nutrition, Pest & Disease talk, Rob sources his 30 years of Horticulture experience to share his advise on pest resistance.

After more expert advice from ePlants, including another video on imidacloprid with application information?

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