What People Say



Garrath Getley (New home owner)

'I found the crew at ePlants by accident whilst tearing down the road headed to Noosa with the longboards on the roof one morning. After meandering around the nursery and losing about 4 hours (not to mention missing the swell) I had the Pajero loaded up with plants and was on my way back to my property in Buderim, planting away in earnest to produce my new landscaping design. I haven't been anywhere since for my plant purchases and love how friendly the staff are and the interest they take in what I am doing. Seems kinda like family.'





Wilson's Commercial Services

'In the relatively short period of time we have being dealing with ePlants we have found their quality to be excellent. Their advice and service are equally as good. We are based in Gympie and none of the nurseries up here have the range or the quality of plants that we found at Eplants. The very handy “plant finder” on EPlant’s website makes decision making and sourcing plants very easy and matching them to our client’s needs. We would recommend Eplants to any landscaping business who needed a nursery with high quality plants, good sales service and a workable website.'


Chris & Keith Freeman (New home owners)

'We first found out about ePlants from a neighbour who highly recommended this nursery. As this was such a good recommendation we weren't sceptical about purchasing from ePlants. We have now purchased from ePlants multiple times and are very happy with the plants and service. Their website is very informative and their prices are very fair. This was the only nursery we could buy more mature plants (300mm, 45lt and up), as most Wholesale nurseries will not sell to the general public. We would definitely recommended Eplants to anyone that wants great service, quality and price.'


Karen Shlegeris & Family (New home owners)

'I knew it would be a very useful exercise to call in a consultant. I love coming to ePlants and I always received very good service from the staff when I made enquiries, so I was confident their approach was professional and friendly. I received good advice to identify which plants I liked prior to the consultation, a clearer idea of which plants would work well in our garden and work well together, as well as referral to other people who could help with our job. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs help with their garden. I would refer them to ePlants for both a huge selection of plants, for good staff and friendly consultation because it helped us a lot.'




Nick Jones (General Manager of Makepeace Island)

‘I had purchased from ePlants multiple times and are very happy with the plants and service. The plants available were also suitable to the property. The information provided in the consult was very helpful in selecting plants and where to plant them and the advice on improving the soil has proved invaluable. As a result all the plantings have been successful. I would recommend ePlants’ plants and consultation service to anyone.’



Kasey - (Interstate customer - Getty Images)

To the team at ePlants. You guys rock! My 'Babies' arrived today and they are beautiful and healthy. The star attraction - The Pandanus - is stunning. Thank you so much for all your advice and help you've given me. I will be singing your praises to everyone! Thank you again, Kasey.


Jason Madin (Local Landscaper - Dig This)

Please thank all the staff at the nursery for us. They do an amazing job of assisting me when I come out to shop and are very courteous to myself and to my clients when I bring them in. It's such a wonderful experience shopping at ePlants. 



Lyndal & Murray Brown (Owners of Hinternoosa Realty)

‘We were introduced to ePlants by friends of ours. The staff at ePlants are friendly and have great knowledge of there plants and products. There is a large variety of plants to choose from, and all at great prices. We would highly recommend ePlants to anyone that wants great prices, reliability, and excellent service. It nice to support a local company as well.’


Milton and Denise Raynolds (New home owners & local business owners)

Once we had met and talked to the ePlants staff we new we wanted a consult. All the staff are so knowledgeable and seems to love what they do. The range is so fantastic and everything is so healthy. We love that you can buy the same plant in various sizes. The benefit on an onsite consultation was that the ePlants staff know what will work, and where. We knew what we liked but our choices would not have worked near as well. We would definitely recommend this service, and we have already, as this is the only true way of achieving the type of garden that actually will suit our home. Friendly, informative, educational, wonderful. Very happy customers!

Grant and Yvette Fraser (New home owners)

‘We were initially skeptical because we saw another landscape designer before ePlants, and the cost of a plan was grossly overpriced. Just for a plan they quoted us up to $1500, so when we visited ePlants we were very happy that the cost was very reasonable. We decided to use ePlants because of what they had to offer; a personal visit, reasonable rates and a great plant selection at a good price. We received a plan that we could implement myself along with all the plants from ePlants. We benefited from this service greatly. We've made some changes over time, but it certainly got us going and we mostly followed it and the yard really looks great.’

Jo & Monique Vanos (New home owners)

‘We have purchased from ePlants a few times before so we already knew the staff and the quality of plants. We chose ePlants for a consultation because they could not only supply the plants but they could also deliver. Knowing that ePlants has the same local climate as ourselves made choosing ePlants as our supplier easier. It also helped that we could come and view the plants before making a final decision. We now have a beautiful garden to complement our new home. We would recommend this service to anyone that does not know the plants that best suit the Sunshine Coast.’

Cliff and Kay Barker

It is disappointing but true that many retail plant suppliers do not have stock that lasts a season, so we looked for people with healthy well-cared for stock. Our choice was also predicated on whether or not staff had the knowledge needed to help us select the most suitable plants for our new home. We needed people that had not only an intimate knowledge of the plants on offer but could advise us on improving the quality of our soils and drainage etc. In buying mature plants we also needed to know we could have them delivered ready for planting in line with our schedule; ePlants worked with us sensibly. ePlants also offered guidance on arranging assistance with preparation and installation which gave us a great deal of confidence. We believe that one can make a judgement about plants being offered by a nursery by the standard of upkeep and care given to the stock. We did not have major doubts about the plants we selected and we were confident that they would be well cared for while held in readiness for delivery. Our instincts were confirmed correct after discussions on our needs and the advice given by ePlants staff. Timely accurate advice; robust healthy plants; prompt delivery; and transformation of a run-down garden into a terrific year-round private environment. Living in a gated community which has a very well maintained environment with a first class golf course, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure our own domain matches the rest. Members of our family, neighbours, friends visiting from other countries and interstate remark upon the way our gardens appear to have been here a lifetime. This points to the success of our working relationship with ePlants. We would happily advise anyone in our community that ePlants have done a great job.


Judy Walker

I recently came to ePlants looking for guidance with my garden.  You referred David your landscape consultant.  He came to do a consult and I was totally impressed with his knowledge and ideas.  He is a very creative fellow.  David did the work for us and I have to tell you he is wonderful, so professional, he absolutely knows his stuff.  Our garden is transformed and looks amazing.  David was so helpful and creative in suggesting ideas that fit with what we wanted.  I now have a fabulous garden and recommend David highly, he is a lovely fellow who knows what he is doing.  We will have him back in the new year to do the rest. 

Thanks again for the recommendation, David is just the best.


 "When we met David we had lost all faith in tradesman.

David was very personable, wanting to know our ideas and what visions we had.  

We had a plain canvas in our garden following a pool being constructed.

Our whole garden is now a massive feature of our property, the attention to detail is amazing.

We had all new fencing, irrigation system and a custom made cabana built by David alongside the amazing landscaping.

We can highly recommend David.  Not only have we gained an amazing garden, we also have gained a family friend. Thank you David."