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 ePlants Pest & Disease Programme

ePlants uses its 30 years of experience in horticulture and broad knowledge in Dynamic Plant Immunology to solve Pest & Disease issues.

Treating the symptoms of a plant issue with a fungicide / pesticide, will only cause the symptoms to persist in the long run.

ePlants’ priority is to treat the root cause.

Fundamentally, it comes down to the survival of the fittest. Insects / Disease are the players in this game, and an unhealthy plant is the target.

Therefore, a balanced nutrition programme is the essence of combating pest and disease pressure.


ePlants Holistic - Nutrition Programme

SeaChange KFF

SeaChange technology makes products like SeaSol obsolete because of its greater value for money, potency, and composition.

ePlants’ ‘go to' and can be used /combined in all aspects of a feeding, pest & disease programme.

SeaChange is a fish, kelp and fulvic acid blend.

Enhancing Resilience

Supplies the entire 76 minerals a plant’s immune system needs to have resillience against pest and disease.

Most synthetic fertilisers used 3 minerals (NPK) which really dawned a ‘chemical experiment in agriculture’.

Termed appropriately because it is defined as unsustainable. Every year without acceptation there is more pest and disease pressure with higher chemical application.

Most synthetic fertilisers use up to 20 elements for crop nutrition. Slowly awakening, science ‘discovered’ plants’ use all 70+ ignored ‘trace elements’.

The fact is, there are no accidents in nature. If the first cell had over 70 minerals, each one plays a role in ensuring a healthy plant.

Key Benefits

Kelp has the highest amount of growth compounds than any other plant (gibberellins, auxins, betaines and cytokinins).

Bio-Stimulation for soil life

Rescue remedy for plant stress (climate, transplant, pest & disease)

Natural chelating capacity (facilitate a plants nutrient uptake & retention)

EVERY SATURDAY WORKSHOP (9:30am) Plant Nutrition Pest & disease

Visit ePlants on a Saturday morning at 9:30am sharp to meet with our plant specialist to recieve expert advice regarding common plant problems, including fungal disease, pest pressure and plant deficiencies.

ePlants advises products to use in a holistic programme to acknowledge the root cause of your plant issue with a balanced fertiliser programme. Improving soil fertility and plant nutrition provides plant immunity to reduce stress to combat pest & disease pressure. Conventional agriculture/horticulture has awakened to the innovating science, Dynamic Plant Immunology. refuses to take part in a defined unsustainable model, with more pesticide application every year and more pest pressure without exception. Only an unhealthy plant is a culprit to pest and disease. So promote a balanced and ‘living’ soil for the benefit of our plants and our wellbeing.

All welcome

During a Saturday Morning ePlants Nutrition, Pest & Disease talk, Rob sources his 30 years of Horticulture experience to share his advise on pest resistance.