Ficus lyrata

  • Ficus lyrata, commonly called the fiddle leaf fig is a perfect indoor specimen plant 

  • It features large heavily veined and violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a tall plant.

  • Prefers a well lit position indoors or outside. Prefers well-drained soil. Moderate water.

  • Restricted in a pot, ficus won’t grow 3m, but can. Outdoors it reaches 15m if not topped.



  1. Obtusifolia Red Margin

  2. Obtusifolia Jade

  3. Variegata

  • Peperomias are ideal for vertical walls, indoors, pots or for a shady position in your garden. 

  • They come in a variety of colours, preferring a well lit and warm position. 

  • Small and compact make them ideal for small gardens, borders and underplanting. 

  • Low maintenance with small roots make them ideal for multi planting in pots and/or mass planting in your garden. 

  • Low to moderate water, drying out between each watering is preferred




  • Amagris

  • Burle Marxii

  • Grey Star



Phlebodium Aureum

ePlants use these ferns in Hanging Baskets, implemented in many popular restaurants.

* Commonly known as blue star fern, an interesting
 looking fern with elongated fronds.
*It's ability to tolerate lower-light conditions make it ideal
 for shady spots/ indoor containers.
*Approx growing height 12" x 12' wide

Zanzibar Gem

Thrives off neglect

Succulent growing to approximately 1m tall.

heavily shaded position with a well drained soil 

Described as the ultimate indoor plant
because of its tolerance to low light and lack of water

Spathiphyllum Sensation

Large variety of peace lily grows up to 1.5m tall.

Large glossy green leaves this beautiful tropical plant is a great indoor plant.

Prefers a well lite shaded position with a moist soil.

Protect from salty winds.

Rhapis Lady Palm