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Metrociderous, derives from the ancient greek ‘Heartwood’.

It has gorgeous red blooms, that are bird and bee attracting.

It is hardy, easy to grow and thrives in Australian sandy soils.

It is one of the best coastal plants for the Noosa area.


Fiji - Thomasii - Firecracker - Little Dugald

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Acronychia Fraser Island Apple

* This beautiful evergreen tree grows up to 8m though is more commonly seen in the average garden at 5-6m tall. Small white flowers followed by small yellow berries in spring.

* Native to Fraser Island and surrounding area, this tree is tough. Prefers a moist well drained soil, though will tolerate long periods of dry conditions once established.

* Excellent native screening tree, and great for hedging.

Viburnum Emerald Lustre

* Viburnum Emerald Lustre is a beautiful lush shrub growing up to 5m tall.

 * Great for screening, this shrub prefers a full sun position with moist, well drained soil. 

* A fast grower, so continuous pruning is advised for a dense plant.

Snow Maiden