Vertical Wall Garden

ePlants are a proud supplier of vertical wall plants for grow walls throughout Australia. Vertical walls gift another dimension and aspect to a garden. Its becoming increasing popular in today’s age. More lush foliage per square metre, provides both atmosphere and room for a living space.

Perfect for an urban landscape for an instant privacy screen or to mask an unattractive wall with some colour.

Turn a bare space, either indoor or out, into a beautiful living feature.

Plants to choose should require the same amount of care for water requirements and the amount of sun. Either of the following categories work well. Succulents, natives (e.g juniperus) bromeliads (ground cover/ climbers like sheba) flowering plants. These plants are all great options.

Great Video with Horticultural Advice on Grow Walls

Almost all of the plants in the video are supplied at ePlants, we specialise in the tropical, lush green appeal.

ePlants use Grow Wall Pots for lower maintenance. Even if your planting epiphytes (air plants), grow wall pots are easier to install, use less water (no consistent irrigation) and use the soil for water storage, nutrition source (grow faster and stay green, less risk of going yellow)