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Common types of Pest & Disease included. ePlant’s P&D programme build a plant’s resilient, immune system as a prevention.

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Plant Nutrition / Pest & disease

Visit ePlants on a Saturday morning at 9:30am sharp

Horticulture specialists offer expert advice to solve your common plant problems

Fungal disease infestations

Pest pressure

Plant deficiencies

Plant Nutrition > Plant Immunity & Resilience

ePlants’ holistic programme acknowledges the root cause of any plant issue with a nutrition programme. Improving soil fertility and plant nutrition boosts a plant immune system to combat stressful, plant situations.

Want an issue-friendly garden?

Reduces the stress your plants combat.

Your plants are hungry and ‘NPK’ sythetic fert is McDonalds.

Use Sea Change KFF (fish, Kelp & Fulvic Acid)

An easy to apply soil conditioner.

Soil probiotic - mineral chelation of over 70+++ elements

Build your plant resistance against pest & disease.

Its the survival of the fittest after all. Weak plants are the only culprit for a pest and disease life cycle.

Learn how to have a quality garden like your growers.

ePlants source their Nutrition Programme from the world leaders in sustainable agriculture. Nutri-Tech Solutions have supplied ePlants for 30 years….

Nutri-Tech is partnered with the Worlds Largest Food Producer, Dole.

Chemcial inputs is short-term, symptom treating model.

It is defined as unsustainable.

Every year without exception, there is more pesticide application but more pest pressure. Only an unhealthy plant is a culprit to pest and disease. So promote a balanced and ‘living’ soil for your lively plants benefit and your well being.

All welcome

During a Saturday Morning ePlants Nutrition, Pest & Disease talk, Rob sources his 30 years of Horticulture experience to share his advise on pest resistance.

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