Flick Weed: Control and Prevention

Weed control is a challenging job for any gardener particularly if it is the flick weed variety. This weed has been the nemesis weed of many Australian gardeners as it grows so fast and before you know it, it has invaded your entire garden. So flick weed needs to be identified and eradicated as soon as it appears.

The key to combatting flick weed is to break it’s seeding cycle by weeding and or spraying at weekly intervals to avoid the weed flowering. 

If the weed goes into flower this weed will seed very quickly and the whole cycle starts all over again.

Scientific Name

Although more commonly known as Hoary Wood Cress, Hairy Bittercress, and Flick weed, the scientific name of this weed is Cardamine hirsute L.

Physical Characteristic

Flick weed is a slender, erect, small, annual herb that grows from the base. It is typically hairless and it can grow up to 300cm high. When it flowers, it produces white petal blooms eventually forming into pods. The gardener must aim to eradicate this weed before it reaches the flowering stage as it can re-produces at an extremely fast rate.

Reproduction Cycle

Flick weed reproduces through the seeds formed in its pods. It is very easily ruptured and can spread  in excess of 3 meters in diameter. Once it hits the ground, it easily germinates and grows to maturity very quickly and the whole cycles starts over again. 

Methods of Control and Prevention

Infested areas in your garden need to be thoroughly and regularly weeded or sprayed and then freshly mulched. (See mulch link & product finder) 

Chemical Solution

Recommended chemical solution is glysophate, commonly known as round up, follow manufacturers instructions carefully. 

Take particular care when disposing of this weed by burning or placing it in  a bin. 

At eplants trade nursery we have a regimented maintenance program where we weed weekly to eradicate this weed and others . Where we go through all areas of our nursery routinely every seven days resulting in an almost weed free nursery.